Hewitt Lashes Out

The stab-in-the-back nutters are threatening revenge for acknowledging reality in Iraq:

From among the Senate Republicans who support a timetable, one or two should become either targets for primary challengers in 2008 or, if need be, targets for defeat by Democrats in the fall of 2008. Unfortunately there don't appear to be any GOP wobblers who could be defeated in a primary, though there are least two --Senators Domenici and Smith of New Mexico and Oregon respectively-- who could fall to a Democrat in the general election if even 10% of the GOP base defected from their cause.

It is crucial to not that neither Senator Domenici nor Senator Smith has yet crossed the political Rubicon that is support for date-certain defeat. Indeed, no GOP senator up for re-election has yet voted for a timetable that passed, and so the need doesn't exist yet to organize other than a general boycott of the NRSC. But if enough Republicans defect to allow such a bill to pass, then the course is clear: I can't support someone who doesn't support victory. I suspect there are tens of thousands of Republican activists who feel the same way.