Giuliani On Executive Clemency

It's fine now - when it's done by one man with no consultation for a man who hasn't even served a day of time for perjury. But back in 1982, when Rudy was an assistant attorney general for Reagan, it was a different story:

According to Associate Attorney General Rudolph W. Giuliani, executive clemency involves a great number of people and a complex, yearlong procedure. Every request is subject to a detailed inquiry by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which conducts as many as 50 interviews to flesh out each application. That background investigation is as comprehensive as any the bureau conducts on a prospective United States Attorney, Mr. Giuliani said.

The case is next studied by the pardon attorney, who makes a judgment that Mr. Giuliani reviews. His judgment, in turn, goes to Fred Fielding, the White House counsel who re-examines the files and makes his own judgment. Then, according to Mr. Fielding, every request is presented to the President for his concurrence.

There's much bullshit flying around Republicans on the Libby pardon, you need an army of fans to catch it.