Email From The Front


A reader sends in an email from his nephew in Iraq:

Yup, still in Baghdad. I fuckin' hate this sweaty, shit-hole country. At least i got satellite internet hooked up now. About 18 of us chipped in and bought - yeah we frickin' bought a satellite dish about 5 foot in diameter - stored it in one of the cans we live in until the English-speaking towel-head connected everyone's cable. So life is pretty peachy for Iraq.

As for Julie, we met at Ft. Rich. She was supposed to greet and welcome the unit that was returning to Ft. Rich. except they got extended 3 months during the flight back home. Yeah, I fuckin' know. They literally turned the plane around and dropped them off back in Kuwait. Good thing they take all yur ammo away when it's time for the flight home. Shit, maybe that's the reason why, cuz id shoot myself too ... you know, just in the leg or something so i could go home for good. I'll just claim it was an accidental discharge (a.d.). All I'd get is an article 15, and right now that doesn't look like that bad of a trade. Good to hear from you. Take it easy.

Hang in there. Help is on the way.

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty.)