Dissent of the Day

A reader writes:

Your pitiful excuse of a blog just got worse. While everyone else is writing about the jihad offensive in Britain and the consequences of jihadi doctors infiltrating the NHS, you are stuck in Libby heaven.

Fine. But once again, you fail to take the pulse of the American people, that is, the ones outside of the liberal cocoon on the east and west coasts. We don't give a rat's rear end about Scooter. The war and its mismanagement, is all the rage. If you want to hit Bush on that, that is legitimate. As is his total suicidal tendencies on immigration.

However, unleashing Buchanan, a Republican no more, as well as other disgruntled pathetic life forms on your blog almost hourly to condemn Libby is entirely humorous and pathetic.

You are no better, and in some ways, worse than any Daily Kos member, Democratic Underground, or even "legitimate" leftists on the scene like Eleanor Clift (Democratic operative masquerading as a journalist) or E.J. Dionne (ditto).

The only logical conclusion one can infer is that you suffer from Bush derangement syndrome. There is different causes for the mania. For some, it was Iraq.  For others, it is his simple existence, his religiosity, his Texan ways.  For others, it is the election of 2000.

For you, it started with gay marriage, and simply went on from there. You are like the drug addict that starts with Marijuana and then moves on to heroin, then cocaine, then crack. Each step of the way progresses downward toward oblivion. Alas, there goes Andrew Sullivan. Once, a brilliant Tory conservative and editor and academic. Now, a pathetic simple leftist sympathizer, a shrill voice of insanity in a room full of them, just another member of a group to be pandered to, and finally, a putrid excuse of a blog used as a runaway truck to hit anyone he doesn't agree with politically.