Dear David

Greg Djerejian pens an open blog-post to David Brooks. Money quote:

Yes, historians will analyze for decades hence how it came to be that the attack of the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan led to 18 year old kids from the American heartland patrolling mixed Sunni-Shi'a neigborhoods in Baghad, acting like local gendarmarie, in a struggle of which they know almost nothing, and which has little impact on our national security...

But, regardless, please Mr. Brooks, do not lay this bloody denouement at the doorstep of those who, if belatedly, were at least trying mightily to extricate us, in a reasonably responsible manner, from a failed engagement, rather than those who were advocating insertion of 28,000 men into Iraq as some possible panacea for a raging civil war, without being accompanied by sustained diplomatic engagement with the very states that could have the most influence on Iraq's stability. You called that plan "serious", but it had more the trappings of bull-headed stubborness, no matter the talents of General Petreaus (which are considerable), or the chest-beating of Beltway dead-enders.