Classic Derb

How can you stay mad at a man who can write this?

On the other hand, my rather strong impression is that while the president CAN think, he DOESN'T, much. The Iraq blunderings, the poverty of his off-the-cuff oratory, the endless repetition of tired, empty cliches long discredited, the Harriet Miers fiasco, the stupid squandering of his small remaining political capital on that major-stupid immigration bill...  not much thinking there that I can see.

…I feel it myself rather strongly a great reluctance to think. If I wasn't chained to a computer trying to support my family, I doubt I'd have a thought from one week's end to the next.

Genius. And all the more so for the obvious use his enemies will make of it. Derb is like Ron Paul. His honesty, even when it's repellent, is so much preferable to the spin, lies and focus-grouped blather that now infests the discourse. (Hat tip: Whiskey Fire.)