Catholics Against Rudy

The site is launched - for theocon Catholics opposed to Rudy Giuliani's divergence from Catholic doctrine on several issues. Vox Nova blog immediately noticed an interesting lacuna:

Most importantly, torture is nowhere to be seen. Remember, torture is an intrinsically evil act that attacks the God-given human dignity of the person, an act that can never be justified, and condemned in the strongest terms by the Church. And yet Rudy does justify it. When asked specifically if he supported the Khmer Rouge-perfected waterboarding technique, he replied without hesitation that "I would tell the people who had to do the interrogation to use every method they can think of". For a Catholic, this is as beyond the pale as arguing in favor of abortion.

So, Catholics Against Rudy: Where's the torture? Where's the consistency?

Only hours later, the site did indeed add "torture" to its list of issues. Unlike the others though, it has no content. Well: except for the words "coming soon." Like the Republican conscience.