Bush's Shifting Commutation Standards Update

A reader writes:

You just posted an email from a lawyer reader that detailed his experience with Bush's commutation standards.  He noted the three conditions that must be met (according to Gonzo) before Bush would consider commutation.  The third condition was 'that the President would not act on any request for commutation until all judicial avenues in the case had been exhausted.'  You opined that the third condition had been met.  That is incorrect.  Libby has not exhausted all of his legal avenues.

The D.C. Circuit only ruled on his request to stay the sentence pending appeal, it did not rule on the merits of the appeal (though they did say that they saw no substantial legal issue).  Accordingly, Libby had not met any of the three conditions set forth by Gonzo.

Please do justice to this injustice and note that Libby received such special treatment that he did not have to meet any of the three conditions.

Duly noted. Get angrier.