Bush, Iraq, al Qaeda

The man has now officially lost two wars, almost every ally, and the moral high ground. Meanwhile, we are consigned to this leadership for another year and a half, in which the US military's operational strength is worn to the bone in one last attempt to prove a fantasy reality. There is obviously some satisfaction at watching this man finally forced to observe the consequences of his own actions. But you could see this day coming for the past three years at least, and it should give no Westerner any pleasure to see it arrive.

We still have deadly, vicious, religious enemies. The military is tied down in a no-win Muslim civil war. Our cities are still dangerously vulnerable to another attack. And, thanks to this president, I'm not even sure the country can unite again as it united the first time, however briefly. This may turn out to be the Dunkirk of this war. We await a sober, serious, unifying leader. So does the free world.