An Embarrassed Liberal

A reader writes:

Some of the reaction to this school segregation case has really brought out the worst of what you call the Left's fundamentalism. I mean I am just absolutely floored by this post at TPM Cafe, which says we "shouldn't put up with this" from the court. The logic of the post seems to suggest that judicial review should be eliminated.

It's seems a very similar reponse to the one Delay and company had to the Schiavo case. We didn't get the ruling we want so the court better look out.

But in a way it's worse, because the court didn't really rule against liberals as much as the author believes. Justice Kennedy left open ways to achieve the goal of diversity in schools so long as you don't do so by racial classification on an individual basis. Yet because a specific means is thrown out the author says the court has ruled in favor of separate but equal. It's just completely unhinged from reality.

Remember when extraordinary efforts to increase racial diversity were pitched as temporary?