Amnesty International and Abortion Rights

This is a worrying development: a statement on AI's members-only website of a new, and apparently hush-hush decision:

"This policy will not be made public at this time. There is to be no proactive external publication of the policy position or of the fact of its adoption issued."

Restrictions on abortion will now be deemed human rights violations. Maybe there's more to this story but on the face of it, it's hard to disagree with Ryan Anderson:

Even people who differ on these issues can see why Amnesty International's advocacy of abortion is a mistake. It severely weakens its ability to form broad coalitions of human-rights defenders. It makes Amnesty International indistinguishable from all the other standard-issue leftist organizations that cluster around international affairs. Worst of all, it will have disastrous consequences for relations with religious believers--especially Catholics--who will be forced to distance themselves from the organization's other work.

Amnesty's work on torture is invaluable. They shouldn't tarnish it with this kind of mission creep.