A Republican and Hillary

A reader writes:

Even though I hate to admit it, Hillary consistently wins these debates. My partner and I were watching it last night and I was trying very hard not like anything Hillary said. But finally, I told my partner, "is it just me or does she seem more...." My partner finished my sentence -- "responsible" [in her answers]. Particularly with question about meeting with our enemies directly. Rather than take the knee-jerk, get-an-applause response by advocating face-to-face meetings with Syria and Iran, she gave a responsible disclaimer that she would make sure these meetings were vetted properly so as not to become a propaganda tool. To me, that says she gets it and she will not conduct policy in the opposite way Bush and Co. have for the sake of being anti-Bush. But rather, she would see situations as they are and deal with them accordingly.

And I loved her answer on nuclear power and tapping into the ingenuity of the American spirit to find new ways to create alternative energy while creating jobs -- classic Bill Clinton. This is what America wants to hear. It's what helped her husband win and it will help her too. Reluctantly, the more I listen to her, I am finding fewer reasons not to vote for her

And I am a registered Republican.

I see Steve Herbits just endorsed her. From Rummy to Hillary.