A Nervous Republican


A reader writes:

As a fellow Republican I have to agree with your reader's comments about Hillary in these debates; she's been hard to hate lately. Just like her husband Bill, she's a very calculating and conniving politician. But maybe that’s why she’s starting to appeal to some. Her supposed weaknesses are becoming her strengths. After eight years of Bush’s off-the-cuff, gut feeling, permanent democratic revolution maybe a politician like Hillary is exactly what the country needs.

Although Hillary might dream of trying to institute some radical New Deal-like socialist society, she’s way too smart to attempt something so drastic. Like Slick Willie, I’m pretty certain she won't lift a finger without thinking long and hard about the long-term consequences, the reaction of the American public, global opinion, and most importantly, her standings in the polls.

It's when she gets screeching and hollering on the campaign trail that horrifies the right and average Joes. When she tries appeals to her base, say speaking before a Planned Parenthood conference or in an African-American church that she becomes unbearable.

But when she's speaking to a national audience, as she was last night, she’s turns out to be not so scary. And this is coming from a Weekly Standard/National Review subscriber. What would Kristol think??

Quick, Andrew, more Ron Paul or at least some Fred Thompson posting! I’m making myself nervous.

(Photo: Stephen Morton/Getty.)