A July 4 Contest


Here's an idea for July 4. In the next two days, please send me any favorite quote, YouTube video or photograph that sums up for you the best of America. I'll post the most original entries all day on July 4. Think different. Passages from favorite novels or poems, YouTube comedy sketches or flash videos, or just a simple photographic image - if they sum up the best of America for you, send them in. Put "July 4" in the subject line of your email and a very brief description. All I have so far is Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock "Star-Spangled Banner." But Jimmy Stewart is just as welcome. Special priority goes to anything that will piss off Jihadists. Bottom line: The best of America, in your opinion. One day of celebration. Raid YouTube. Raid your book shelves. Check your photo-album. No schlock please. Unless it's so bad it's good.