"Padlock Muslim Fanatics"

Deroy Murdock wants to expand Gitmo. How?

Gitmo should grow into a global destination where foreign countries may deposit terror convicts and suspects for safekeeping.

Notice the very broad criterion for imprisonment: mere terror suspects. That, of course, has been the criterion for a large number of Gitmo detainees as well. Who determines these suspects? Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Uzbekistan ... and any other regime with a few dissidents to fear, torture or lock up. Murdock does not mention torture as such (Bush-backers don't use the t-word), or rather he endorses it under the strict condition that the techniques be "non-fatal."

If you want to read a piece that endorses indefinite detention of anyone deemed suspicious of "Muslim fanaticism" anywhere on the planet, including the US, and subject to torture as long as it is "non-fatal", then welcome to National Review.