Watershed in Massachusetts


It's an extraordinarily important development, a vindication of the marriage strategy which many of us pioneered despite severe resistance from the gay establishment (yep: HRC and the Clinton machine), and a clear sign that marriage for gay couples is now part of the fabric of America. HRC can still believe that this is a long-term goal, but it's here long before their precious and entirely symbolic federal hate crimes boondoggle. For me, the most telling fact is that the legislators and people of Massachusetts have actually experienced the fact of marriage equality for several years now. The more people see it for real, instead of through the lurid, unhinged fantasies of Dobsonites, the more opposition wilts. Now, maybe, inclusive Republicans and leading Democrats can grow some balls on the issue. Quit the defensive crouch. That means you, Obama, Edwards and Clinton. And you too, HRC. Dale Carpenter comments here. Here in Ptown, the champagne is already flowing.

(Photo: Kevin Pilla, 43, and his partner of 23 years Thomas Mannix, 44, with dog Buddy, prepare for their civil union ceremony that took place at midnight February 22, 2007 in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The couple was registered as a domestic partnership in 1993 in New York and 2004 in New Jersey. By Colin Archer/Getty Images.)