Poseur Alert

"I'm talking to Basil Walter, the architect who seven years ago started designing the space for the Vanity Fair party. For the dinner he has used cherrywood panels to create walls in which are embedded 13 TVs so that 160 dinner guests can watch the awards. We just finished dining on burrata with a salad of red and yellow tomatoes (which at our table Aaron Sorkin has been eating off Maureen Dowd's plate since quickly clearing his), New York strip steak, thyme-crusted tuna or buttered squash ravioli, and apple tart with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. In a few minutes the party will begin.

As Basil walks me through the transformed parking lot, he explains what I see:

As the dinner comes to an end there's a drape that opens straight into a vestibule made of topiary where there is a cigar bar. The lounge is 7000 square feet, dotted throughout by 17 TVs, and beginning with a large open area that doubles as a dance floor. The main feature of the space is an undulating ceiling like the interior of a cave. It has lights above (designed by Patrick Woodroffe) and couches all around -- a warm and cozy place to spend the rest of the evening after the Oscars.

He forgot to mention the carpet -- soft enough for barefeet, as Laurie David and I found out, having quickly shed our high heels." - Arianna Huffington - who else? - HuffPost today.