Poseur Alert

"I consider myself a philosophe engagé, a philosopher who gets involved. I like to think I manage to change things. Like any successful intellectual, I reckon I'm 99 percent misunderstood and 1 percent understood. That's quite good. For instance, I think I helped to persuade Jacques Chirac to bomb the Serb positions around Sarajevo and thus stop a massacre.

I'll let you into a secret: I never, never eat at home. I know it's odd, but I find the idea of eating at home repugnant.

I don't cook, and my wife doesn't cook either. The only time I would serve food at home would be if I had to meet someone as discreetly as possible. That happens once a year at most, and even then I don't eat," - Bernard-Henri Levy, in the Sunday Times Magazine.

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