He's "Fine" With Lesbian Motherhood

Mitt Romney blurts out his real views in New Hampshire. He's really got to watch that. The Christianists are getting pissy. But isn't Romney obviously correct? He's sticking with the Hewitt-approved line that only a man and a woman should have the legal protections of civil marriage, but he is acknowledging that in a free country, others will be able to bring kids up in a variety of ways. He's also acknowledging a simple fact: all the evidence suggests that kids who are brought up by two moms fare just as well as kids brought up in other contexts. So what do the Christianists want? Are they really going to demand that Republicans not only forbid those moms from having legal protections for the child-rearing and relationships but also regularly denounce and condemn them? I guess so. Let me just offer some advice: going around trashing mothers is not the best politics. Especially when the next generation is so over this crap. And especially when one of those moms is the daughter of the vice-president.