Death By Genital Mutilation

An infant boy dies after a botched circumcision:

According to the Paediatric Child Health article, the boy was "bottlefed and was reported to be doing well when he was circumsized." Five hours later, the parents returned to their family doctor with the infant, who had become "irritable and had blue discoloration" below the belly button.

Doctors noticed the discoloration and slight swelling of the penis, but sent the child home. Fourteen hours after the circumcision, according to Cairns, the child was brought to another hospital where doctors noted he was extremely irritable with marked swelling of the penis and bruising to the scrotum.

The child was then transferred to a paediatric centre, where his bladder was diagnosed, Cairns said, to "seven or eight times its normal size." The PlastiBell ring, which is used to hold back the foreskin after circumcision, was removed and drained and the child went into shock.

This happens. Whenever you subject an infant to unnecessary surgery, complications can ensue. John Colapinto's extraordinary book, "As Nature Made Him" recounts the tragic story of an infant boy whose penis was entirely destroyed by another botched genital mutilation. He was then gender-reassigned and given a vagina.