A reader writes:

My question is this: If everyone is admitting that a Hillary Clinton's potential nomination to the Democrat Presidential ticket is only fuel for the religious right, then what do you think Senator Clinton's view is on that? Why is it that this either doesn't concern her, or she thinks she can overcome it?

If I were in the same position, I would realize that winning the nomination, only to further create a dichotomy between the American politic, would be disastrous for the country. So, why doesn't Senator Clinton? I can't get over that. Does she not know? And if she does, what's she telling herself to motivate her to continue? Is she really that good?

I think if she were elected, we would be dealing with the same Shakespearean themes we're dealing with now in the Bush administration. She might be looking to simply one up her husband's performance. I consider her nomination to be like pouring salt on a wound.

So far as I can tell, there is nothing Senator Clinton wouldn't sacrifice in the cause of her own ambition: her own self-respect as a wife; what once passed for her principles; and group of Americans (like the gays) who get in her way; and any rival who challenges her. She is now and always has been about one thing only: her own power and ego and how to satiate it. If she has to empower the Christianist right in pursuit of her goal, she will. And if she loses, she will blame everyone but herself. Remember the fathomless narcissism of her husband? She fed it as a way to feed her own.

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