Christianism and Mormons

Hugh Hewitt can't stop what he has previously unleashed. A Christianist ally, Frank Pastore, writes:

I'm a Christian-American-Conservative-Republican–in that order. I support Christianity first and foremost, everything else flows from that. I'm a Christian who happens to be a Republican, not a Republican who happens to be a Christian. I care more about people coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ than I do any political candidate. At the end of my life, the question I will be asked is not, 'Whom did you help elect?' But, 'Whom did you serve?'

Hugh says bigotry is exposed by simply inserting the word "Jew" for "Mormon" in suspect statements. This seems to imply that both stand in the same relationship to Christianity. This is not so. Jews and Christians worship the same God, Mormons worship different gods. And Jews don’t insist they are the restoration of Christianity after eighteen centuries of apostasy.

Since Joseph Smith so clearly misrepresents the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon is antithetical to the Bible, why would it be bigotry if someone chooses not to support such heresy?