Why Each Death Matters

In the words of Andy Bacevich, who just lost his own son to Iraq:

To start, the Pentagon must get over its aversion to counting all bodies. It needs to measure in painstaking detail -- and publicly -- the mayhem we are causing as a byproduct of what we call liberation. To do otherwise, to shrug off the death of Nahiba Husayif Jassim as just one of those things that happens in war, only reinforces the impression that Americans view Iraqis as less than fully human. Unless we demonstrate by our actions that we value their lives as much as the lives of our own troops, our failure is certain.

Steve Clemons mourns here. Jules Crittenden had to call the father for a quote. It was a good one:

"He joined the Army to serve his country in time of need. We love him and mourn his loss."