Torture and America

A reader writes:

Again from "Band of Brothers", page 250

"It is worth pausing here to see the Americans as conquerors through the microcosm of # Company. They took what they wanted , but by no means did they rape, loot, pillage, and burn their way through Germany. If they did not respect property rights, in the sense that they commandeered their nightly billets without compensation, at least when they Germans moved back in after they left, the place was more or less intact. Of course there were some rapes, some mistreatment of individuals Germans, and some looting, but it is a simple fact to state that other conquering armies in WWII, perhaps most of all the Russians, but including the Japanese and German, acted differently."

Indoctrinated since birth in the idea that America is different, there aren't words to express the anguish that I feel that my country now finds itself in the position of saying "But the other guys torturers are much worse than our torturers."