Theocons Vs Rudy

They're stirring as they should, if they are going to be consistent. Catholic theocons set a benchmark in 2004 for judging a Catholic politician, aided and abetted by the man who is now the current Pope, and the full NRO/First Things Monty. Compared with Giuliani, John Kerry is about as orthodox a Catholic as you can find. And by Benedict's standards, no Catholic could in good conscience vote for a man with Rudy Giuliani's social views. You've got to give Steve Dillard credit for applying his principles across parties. Will Ponnuru and Lopez and NRO follow? They better hope Romney or Fred Thompson stops Rudy, because the theocons would be trapped if Rudy emerged as the nominee. They'd have to go into the election urging all their acolytes to commit a sin, or to abstain. Rudy is a man who enthusiastically supports the death penalty and torture, and unenthusiastically supports abortion rights. Meanwhile, Obama sounds more and more Catholic every day.