The World From Your Window


It's noon on May 1. When better to launch a new blog-page? A little over a year ago, I had the idea of simply asking Dish readers to send in photographs of what they see from their own windows every day. This blog is more of a collective effort than it might seem. Hundreds of emails pour in each day, with tips and arguments and ideas and differing perspectives from all over the world and from every point of view. I get to read them (or at least as many as physically possible). You don't, and I tried to think of a way to better convey the global reach of the Dish readership, and to remind people that the web is not that technological or abstract. It's actually human beings with bodies and souls and homes and gardens and windows. I've been posting a window view almost every day since, but received many more than I could possibly post. So what to do?

Some of you suggested a gallery or a coffee table book. But Shaun Raviv, a particularly gifted colleague at the Atlantic, came up with something much more elegant. It's a map of the world in flash animation, with almost 700 window views embedded. As you move your cursor over the map, you can zoom in on hundreds of places on earth, and travel the globe through the living rooms and offices and cars and bedrooms of other Dish readers. If you sent in a window view and it was never published in the Dish, it may well be now in "The World From Your Window". We still have more in the hopper to add, and we'll be adding more and more as they appear in the Dish. So keep sending them in to Be sure to include a place and a time of day. (No pets or rainbows are allowed - and it should be from your window, preferably with some frame of the window in shot.) But here's the page as it is now. The first time you look at it, be patient. It takes a little while for all the pictures to load. But soon, it should load quickly.

In my opinion, it's the coolest thing I've ever produced on this blog, and I owe it to Shaun, the Atlantic, but most of all, you. This is your blog as well as mine; and this is the world you live in. Enjoy.