The Judith Factor

One major problem for Rudy Giuliani's campaign: his wife. Lloyd Grove goes digging and finds plenty of material. Money quote:

The story of Manny Papir is a cautionary tale for anyone who doubts that Judith Giuliani is a force to be reckoned with. Papir, Rudy’s longtime personal aide, learned the hard way during a trip to Europe when Rudy, taking a 9/11 victory lap in early 2002, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and then was honored with the German Media Prize in Baden-Baden. Among Rudy’s inner circle, Judith was fast becoming known for her demanding requirements. Even loyalist Sunny Mindel was overheard joking that whenever they arranged a chartered jet for their principal and his companion, “we need two seats for Judithone for her and one for her Gucci bag.” (“I have no recollection of saying that,” Mindel says.)

When Judith asked to stay two nights in Baden-Baden instead of the previously planned onethrowing the intricate schedule into disarrayPapir, who was advancing Rudy’s triumphal tour, made the mistake of betraying his impatience. Running into other members of the entourage in the lobby, he muttered, “Let me guessyou’re waiting for Princess, too.” When the quip was reported back to Rudy and Judith, Papirwho declined to commentwas out of a $200,000-a-year job.