The Iran Leak

ABC News reports on the president's authorization of covert action against Iran. It's not a military initiative, and should have been authorized years ago. It's also surely no big whoop. It is obviously in the West's interests to do all we can to support the Persian opposition, to help disseminate the truth about the theocracy, to throw as much money as we can at the forces of freedom in that country. But the angry response from some of the Bushite blogs has Brad Plumer worried:

Let's see, I count one, two, three conservative bloggers all saying the same thing: Now that ABC News has blown the lid off the president's secret plan to have the CIA destabilize the Iranian regime from within, the only option we have left is to take military action. Bush never wanted war, mind you, but the liberal media and those loose-lipped "traitors" in the agency have left him no choice.

I see this leak as being a complete non-event. Both Plumer's response to the bloggers and the bloggers' own response to ABC News' little scoop strike me as more than a little paranoid.