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Supporting The Troops

A reader writes:

A friend obtained the names of some Marines in Iraq through the wife of one in the 3rd Light Armored Recon Battalion. A group of us "adopted" fourteen of those Marines, exchanging mail and sending care packages. After they returned to California we had a big party for them and found that four out of the fourteen used English as a second language - they were either recent immigrants or the sons of recent immigrants - earning their citizenship by serving our country in the most dangerous way imaginable. They were proud of their service, and a valiant part of this close-knit brotherhood.

Every time I read or hear a rant by some anti-Hispanic demagogue I remember the thrill of speaking with these men who were true patriots, and I wonder what sacrifice the critic has made for our country. Have they served in the National Guard, or have they volunteered to put their life on the line in the service of our country as these young men have? What have the critics done to "earn" their citizenship?

Personally, I think we need these young men and their families. We need the courage and determination shown by these immigrants who are willing to make great sacrifices to become residents and citizens of our country. I can only hope that others lucky enough to be born here will be willing to make similar sacrifices to renew the greatness of our country.