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Quote for the Day

"James nodded his thanks, opened the wax paper and looked a bit suspiciously at the offering, it looked to be a day or two old and suddenly he had a real longing for the faculty dining room on campus, always a good selection of Western and Asian food to choose from, darn good conversations to be found, and here he now sat with a disheveled captain who, with the added realization, due to the direction of the wind, was in serious need of a good shower," - Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen, as quoted by Janet Maslin in a hilarious review in the NYT today.

Love this bit:

If the climactic battle in "Pearl Harbor" is the only stage at which the authors’ fascination with their subject comes alive, much more of the narrative is taken up with prophetic conversation. "I was born in Hiroshima," says Genda Minoru, the Japanese military strategist, when he encounters the American general Carl Andrew Spaatz, known as Tooey, when they meet by chance aboard a Pan Am Clipper (a plane that is lovingly described as an example of American luxury and know-how). "You should visit Hiroshima some day, sir."

The general, who will go on to lead the strategic bombing of Japan, replies, "Perhaps I will some day."

Did Trey Parker ghost-write it?