Quote for the Day II

"I won't be posting much about Ron Paul during this campaign. The highest office he'll ever hold is probably his current one, and that frustrates me just as it does his more ardent supporters. But his continued presence as a candidate is important as a public service if nothing else. That's confirmed by the strangely disproportionate attention he's getting from the Titular Right. Paul is their mirror, an unsettling reminder of what they've become during the past six years.

I have no doubt they'll keep trying to break that mirror, which is why Paul should keep doing exactly what he's doing," - Cunning Realist.

From emails, it appears some of you think I've endorsed Paul. Please. I'm nowhere near as isolationist as he is. And he's polling at zero percent. My view is simply that he is a particularly timely breath of fresh air in the fetid swamp that has become American conservatism. Anyone who loves democracy - who loves debate and and exchange of ideas - should be grateful he has expanded the range of thought within the primaries of the GOP. And it says a huge amount about the degeneracy of the current right that their response is to try and smear him and silence him. They don't get liberty, do they? And I don't think they realize yet the scale of what's coming to them.