A reader dissents from this post:

When you write about reconsidering the impact of the surge in September, I think that you're missing (or glossing over) one important fact.  In September, no matter what the actual conditions are in Iraq, the talk shows and "news" programs will be saturated with Bush administration spokesfolks all touting the amazing advances that have been made since the surge started. Their statements will be amplified by a chorus of pundits and bloggers, with Hugh Hewitt and the crew at Powerline leading the charge.  Those who say that the "successes" are not as significant as Bush would have us believe will be denounced as BDS sufferers who simply refuse to accept the good news from Iraq.  Charges of appeasement and treason will be tossed about...in other words, we'll be right back where we started.

The only way that this administration will be controlled is with a short leash and a stout club.  A concrete time line, strictly enforced by Congress, is the only way we'll get out of Iraq before 2009. The Democrats need to pass a short-term funding bill and then they need to send the bill with the time lines back to the President, making it clear to the people that it is Mr. Bush who is being pigheaded and unreasonable.

Planned Parenthood's take is here (and, yes, I know it's a spoof).