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Petraeus and the Pro-Torture Right

His important and moving letter against torture and abuse gets total radio silence on the bloggy right (just like the Pentagon's own internal report showing high support and widespread acceptance of torture among U.S. soldiers in Iraq). Beyond depressing - but at least consistent with their craven record. A reader comments:

So does this mean that General Petraeus Hates America and Wants the Terrorists to Win? Or that he's Not a Real Man, like Mark Levin, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg and Andrew McCarthy are?

He obviously doesn't have the stomach to do what's necessary against our enemies. I await calls for his firing from those who argue that we cannot protect the U.S. without torturing and abusing prisoners in wartime. Dr Krauthammer, where's the outrage? Mr Levin, demand a change at the top. Mr Limbaugh, clear your throat. The general is putting the country in grave danger, isn't he? Or so you have argued.