That's the result of WorldNet Daily's poll. And those guys are hard-core, Christianist base-conservatives. His support sure isn't from the left. I'm getting a lot of emails like this one:

I'd like to join the chorus of praise I'm sure you are receiving for defending Ron Paul from the conservativist (like that term?) smear machine. It's pretty disgusting to see a group of wannabe tyrants mugging for the cameras and describing how they'd save the world from the villains of 24. Having Ron Paul up there, in a way, deeply saddens me. The contrast between him and the other GOP candidates starkly illustrates what a sad state America has fallen into.

Their thuggery last night really was an appalling snapshot into the degeneracy of today's conservatives. I seem to have a lot of new Ron Paul readers. So why not shamelessly tout my own manifesto against the authoritarian, Christianist Republicanism that has usurped traditional conservatism in Rove's coalition: "The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It; How To Get It Back." There's a lot in it along some of the lines supported by Ron Paul. And its arguments seem to me to be more urgent now than when it was first published last fall. Conservatism can be saved from these goons. It just requires balls and a modicum of intellectual honesty.