Muslims for Secularism


The pictures tell you everything: an exuberant, peaceful massive demonstration in a Muslim country for secular democracy. It seems to me that the most important ally the United States now has is Turkey: critical for maintaining the survival of Kurdistan; critical for stemming the tide of Islamism in the Mulism world; pivotal in helping Europe integrate its new Muslim immigrants in the ways of pluralism and secularism. But let's stop from a moment to look at all these people in the near east, loving democracy, cherishing freedom from theocratic diktats, celebrating the equality of women. Know hope. Freedom is more powerful than fundamentalism. In the long run.

(Photo: People wave national flags as they fill the waterfront during an anti-government rally on May 13, 2007 in Turkey's western coastal city of Izmir. Thousands of secular Turks gathered in the city of Izmir on Sunday to protest against the Islamist-rooted government in a rally organisers hope will unite the opposition ahead of elections in July. By Burak Kara/Getty Images)