Moderation on Iraq

Another centrist laments:

Iraq policy has become the poster child for the pathology that afflicts American politics.  Specifically, Iraq policy is the exclusive domain of extremists.  On the right, attempts to recognize any specific failures in Iraq policy are condemned as "undermining the troops" while all efforts to change strategy or put pressure our Iraqi allies are disdained as "cut and run" tactics.  The right's approach is pinup patriotism -- all flash, no substance.  The left is no better, smearing everyone that disagrees with them on any detail (no matter how small) as "Bush sycophants" or "neocons", all the while responding to any new information about incremental U.S. successes or diplomatic initiatives with behavior akin to a child sticking his fingers in his ears and screaming "la la la la la" in an effort to avoid hearing the intolerable. Where are the moderates?