Marriage and Gay Culture

The gay left voices the usual whines about gays becoming conservative and losing their edge now that we have some modicum of equality in one state. Yes, gay culture will undoubtedly and is undoubtedly becoming more mainstream. So what? No one's stopping anyone, gay or straight, from being as radical and as subversive as they want. Isn't it funny how the Christianist right and the queer left are both upset - but for diametrically different reasons? The Christianists think that gay marriage will undermine straight marriage - even though divorce rates have fallen to historic lows in the gay marriage era. Leftists fear that without oppression, they will have no politics left - even though gay people are now far more openly represented across the political spectrum. Both extremes, I think, are wrong. Gay culture has a very vibrant and diverse future ahead of it - right, left, radical, conformist and everything in between. And straight families will be much stronger for bringing their gay sons and daughters into a full and respectful embrace. Which reminds me. I have a frigging wedding to plan.