Liberals for Serfdom!

A reader vents:

To paraphrase a line from Apocalypse Now the bullshit piles up so fast on the illegal immigration issue you need to have wings to stay above it. The proposed immigration "reform" bill does very little for the immigrant and nothing for the communities which are unable to absorb their masses, but is a boon for corporations and liberal grandstanders needing to show their tolerance for diversity.   

For the record, it is Big Business and liberals - not racists, "Bible thumpers" and "raving Dobbsians" - and sweethearts like your reader who relates the discussion about the farmer and his 35 cent peach, who wish to institutionalize a type of serfdom, one where employers do not need to provide brown-skinned Mexican worker bees with a minimum wage or benefits of any kind.  All perfectly legal as long as we keep getting our fruit at a discount and our tables bussed cheaply.

And it is liberals - champions of government services - who apparently want to ensure that cities like Los Angeles where I live, must forever bankrupt and shut down community hospitals and emergency medical services; endure public schools jammed to the rafters with children of immigrants illiterate in their native language let alone English; and paralyze public transportation and other infrastructure simply by being overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring across the border every year.

I can think of nothing more elitist and more effective in wiping out the middle class than to in essence enshrine this madness into law, which is what the new proposal does.  And it is the champions of the little people - in concert with Big Business - who are leading the charge!

But hey, at least when a Malibu doctor's wife leaves her kids with the normalized nanny, has her hedges trimmed by the legalized gardener and hands the keys of her Range Rover to the documented valet, she can point to her pro-illegal immigration reform bumper sticker and feel smug about it before crunching on her low-priced baby green salad.