Lesbians and Weight

I stand corrected. Far from being bombarded by p.c. scorn, I've actually received many emails like the following:

As a 31-year old lesbian who has only been out for 7 years, I am stillĀ  disturbed and shocked by the appearance of many lesbians, particularly middle-aged lesbians. I think many try to convince themselves that they are beyond any superficial emphasis on physical appearance, but deep down, they harbor such negative feelings about themselves that they have just given up any notion that they can be attractive. I am hoping that as gay rights continue to expand in the US and in the world, lesbians and gay men will learn to have greater value for themselves and consequently to place greater emphasis on their mental and physical health.

Gay men are not immune. We tend to veer from the obsessively lean or hyper-muscular to that segment of bear culture that really is about justifying unhealthy obesity. Hapily, we're getting less neurotic and healthier with each generation.