Jesus on K Street

Here's a glimpse into what happens when a political party tries to coopt religious groups into its political coalition. Before too long, churches are all about pork as well. Money quote:

A New York Times analysis shows that the number of earmarks for religious organizations, while small compared with the overall number, have increased sharply in recent years. From 1989 to January 2007, Congress approved almost 900 earmarks for religious groups, totaling more than $318 million, with more than half of them granted in the Congressional session that included the 2004 presidential election. By contrast, the same analysis showed fewer than 60 earmarks for faith-based groups in the Congressional session that covered 1997 and 1998.

Churches are turned by Rove-style politics into yet another special interest, out for their own money and power. And, yes, the average tax-payer eventually foots the bill - just to grease the wheels of Rove's corrupt and corrupting machine.