How Serious Is The GOP Revolt On Iraq?

I use my usual test: is it verboten to talk about at NRO? Yes! Glenn is more forthright and says the following:

I think this is shortsighted and wrong and likely to hurt the country. 

I disagree. In fact, a rightly restive Congress is clearly a major advantage Bush and Cheney now have in grappling with Maliki. They can persuasively say: if you don't come through, we're outta here. And we'll be forced to leave by the Congress. If that leverage combined with the surge does not produce a political breakthrough, we'll know that such a breakthrough is likely impossible. And we'll know by September. It's also true that the United States is a democracy. A president who cannot explain a war, cannot show real progress, and cannot command credibility after four years of fighting has no one to blame but himself.