Hewitt Goes There

Yes, he does a hard-hitting post-debate interview with ... Tagg Romney, the wonderfully named son of Hewitt's latest pontiff. Money quote:

HH: Joined now by Tagg Romney, Governor Romney’s oldest son. Tagg, good to see you again.

TR: It’s good to be here. Thank you.

HH: You’ve got to be happy.

TR: Very happy. I thought he knocked it out of the park, he was clearly a fantastic candidate tonight, and showed why he’d make the best president.

HH: You’ve sat through debates before. He’s been in a lot of debates. Anything different about his performance tonight? Or is this what you’d see and what you’d get throughout this campaign, and against a Democrat?

TR: What you see is what you get. My Dad is articulate, he knows how to communicate his vision, he’s very relaxed in front of the camera, he’s a fantastic communicator. I think clearly, anyone who watched the debate tonight would say boy, isn’t Mitt Romney, wouldn’t Mitt Romney make a fantastic president.

I've been razzed lately for allegedly not "getting" some joke/parody items I've linked to. I swear I believe this interview is for real. Really, Mickey, I believe this one.