The blogosphere has been hard at work. Dave Weigel surveys the assaults and counter-assaults on Al Gore's "Assault On Reason". David Brooks' anti-Gore column comes in for a shellacking as well. Minipundit piles on:

In response to Gore's assertion that the Internet has the potential to improve discourse, Brooks asks, "Has Al Gore ever actually looked at the Internet? He spends much of this book praising cold, dispassionate logic, but is that really what he finds on most political blogs or in his e-mail folder?" Has David Brooks ever actually looked at the Internet? Because if he has, he'd have found, like Gore has, that there are far more bastions of tempered wonkery there than on television.

Indeed. For every Perez Hilton, there's a swathe of wonky PDF files to consume. And an army of Ron Paul supporters.