Face of the Day


Preeti Shakya, 8-years-old, is carried through the streets of the city in a chariot during the Ghode Jatra festival March 18, 2007 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal has countless gods, goddesses, deities and Buddhas. The Kumari Devi is a young girl who is prepubescent, considered to be a real goddess, worshipped and revered, the practice going back hundreds of years into Nepali culture. She must meet 32 strict physical requirements ranging from the color of her eyes to the sound of her voice. Her horoscope must also be appropriate as well. Although there are many Kumaris in Nepal, the Kathmandu goddess is the most important and only makes rare public appearances. The Kumari's reign ends with her first period, after that she reverts back to the status of a normal mortal. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)