Dissents of the Day

The feedback on the "continue reading ..." device is almost uniformly negative. I understand. Here's a typical email:

I think I will find myself reading less, rather than more. I just don't like the hiccup in the flow of what I am reading. I read to the break, and then stop.  Only rarely do I find myself continuing with a number of other writers.  My guess is that you might find yourself trying to 'hook' people with a catchy first paragraph now, and that could get annoying trying to sort of sell the rest of your piece every time you need to put in a break.

I never had a problem with the length of your pieces, nor the fact that they were all on one long page. Your archives are all there, and the page length never bothered me in the slightest. Hell, your pieces are much shorter than Glenn Greenwald’s, and I read his all the way through too.

Keep it the way it was.

Screw you, guys. Seriously, I'm going to keep it but use it sparingly - when a post is more than two paragraphs long.