Dissent of the Day

A reader writes:

Congratulations on another "Letter from the Heartland" or whatever you call these exercises in fraud. These "letters" you post are fraudulent in many aspects. Have you ever thought that because you now lean against this current administration, that the Democrats/liberals/socialists/anarchists/Bush haters/other sycophants are attracted to your blog like bees to honey because they stand a good chance of being heard, and more importantly, posted? Of course not.

You, without a doubt, fraud, would howl like a wounded dog if Ponnuru, Steyn, et al posted something like this:

Dear Ramesh Ponnuru,

I live in Berkeley, CA and I was at a coffee house where three twenty something sociology majors were talking and saying that Nancy Pelosi and Reid and Hillary Rodham were taking them and the country down the toilet. This is again, the bluest portion of the bluest state in the country. Does this mean viva la resistance?

My take on the matter: You are a fraudulent, petulant twit who is still pissed at George that he didn't give you full marital rights. All these torture memos have gotten you nowhere!!  How does that feel, loser? You couldnt' hold any of the NRO's dudes jockstrap intellectually or maturity wise!!

Before you pass this off as some "Christianist", red-neck hick with missing teeth (by the way, your Christianist meme is prejudicial flat out), I am a Hindu, Indian American, more educated than you (B.A, M.D., double board certified in subspeciality surgery, giving his specialty services for free for over 30% of my patients), and more discerning of the political pulse of this nation than your lousy gay Tory ass could ever do.

On a small point of information: it is not within the power of this or any president to provide marriage rights to anyone. It is a state matter. And only the federal Congress can vote to prevent federal recognition of state's marriages, as it did for the first time in history in 1996. Another reader makes, perhaps, a more pertinent point:

I think I should point out that when you're inside a acupuncturist's office, you're really not in a red state anymore.