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Conservative Publishing

Ross puts the boot in:

Allow me to torpedo my chances of signing a lucrative book deal with Threshold by suggesting that if I were placed in charge of a right-leaning imprint at a major publisher, I hope I would manage to make it something more than a clearinghouse for Cheney family memoirs, screeds by loudmouthed TV personalities, ghostwritten quickie books, anti-Malcolm Gladwell Malcom Gladwell knockoffs, and polemics by TWA Flight 800/Ron Brown conspiracy theorists.

He's referring to Mary Matalin's pile of preposterous piffle. Daniel Larison adds his considerable edge here. Alex Massie writes:

Is it unbearably snobbish or sniffy to note that, whatever one's own literary credentials, it requires considerable generosity of spirit to grant any of these volumes the title "book" in anything other than the meanest, lowest, technical sense of the term?

Er: no.