Busted, Ctd.

A reader writes:

It seems to me that at least half of all Americans have changed their mind about this war, going from overwhelming support to overwhelming opposition. Are we forgetting that three years ago, the war was still so popular that it was an article of faith that only a Democrat who supported and had voted for the war could be elected.  That may have been Kerry's and Edwards' "mistake" now, but it was their qualification then! Are we forgetting that the "peace" candidate, Howard Dean, did not win a single Democratic primary outside his home state of Vermont? My own position on the war has roughly tracked your own - although I was more skeptical from the beginning, and more troubled by the "spin" used to justify it.

Well, a self-described conservative of doubt should have been more skeptical - both of the project and the people in charge of it. And I wasn't just not skeptical enough, I was passionate in my support. I know others have followed the same trail. But I'm not responsible for them, just for myself. Another reader writes:

When this war started I was behind it completely, even considered volunteering for the military. Slowly but surely I witnessed a deluge of broken promises, dead friends, emotionally messed up friends who had joined the military, and of course no solutions. There are still no answers and that is what scares me.

To top it all I am sick to death with what my America has become ... I cannot imagine how smart intelligent people can witness the defilement of such things as habeas corpus, the Geneva conventions, and the Constitution and lie dormant. However, any time I want to speak up or say something against the war or the policies of the Bush administration I feel attacked with great acrimony. Aren't we all in this thing together ... but hey what am I to do?

You give me faith to keep treading water, lets hope there is water left when all is said and done.

Yes: treading water ... mixed with a great deal of blood.