Buckley On Fire

The eminence grise is on a roll. Money quote:

Three times Tenet repeats that the CIA does not engage in torture, and three times Pelley presses the question.

Pelley: "You call it in the book, 'enhanced interrogation techniques.'"

Tenet: Well, that's what we call it.

Pelley: I mean, that’s a euphemism.

Tenet: I'm not having a semantic debate with you.

The testimony reveals the CIA run by a man who cannot think straight, advising the national security adviser, who went on to make false allegations, and the vice president, who made more false allegations, and the president, who took ill-considered actions.

And those who criticize him are aiding the enemy? Bush has done for al Qaeda what he's done for the welfare state. Leftists and Jihadists have so much to thank him for.