Another Ford?

A reader makes the case for Fred Thompson:

I don't think Thompson is getting the credit he deserves in the press.  You said it yourself, he's not a fanatic, and that alone should earn him a few extra cameras after the hell this nation has been put through the last seven years. He's the Obama of the right, and I hope the media will start treating him as such, because the right needs him just as much as the left does, should they hope to keep their heads level during their surge in power. I haven't looked into Thompson enough to know if I'll vote for him, but I know that I want his voice to play a larger role in the debate over who does become president. The questions candidates are forced to answer are more important than the answers they give freely, and a strong Thompsonian campaign might skew the course enough to bring up questions of magnanimity and honor.

Thompson reminds me of Ford a great deal. And after the great national tragedy we've suffered, that's just what we need.

Ryan Sager has a useful round-up of Thompson's positions in 1994. Pro-choice and against AIDS research.